Precision Automated Technology

Precision automatic technology is widely used by most high-end manufacturing and production enterprises. This type of revolutionary advancement is mainly concerned with fixed automated technology and robotics. Precision technology services are used by many industries including the mining industry, automotive industry, food industry and even the medical sector. There are many companies out there that offer such services. A licensed company with unprecedented experience is a company that can provide excellent and innovative robotic solutions for all industrial automation needs. You can count on these companies for all your engineering needs. They will meticulously work on your project going through all the important stages necessary to ensure that you complete it on time and within your budget. In short, these companies specialize in fronting bakery products, denesting paper cups and most importantly, they specialize in robotic system integration.

Paper Cup Denesting

Through proprietary engineering and automation techniques, the paper cup denester can accommodate self-contained modules and systems that compact more than a thousand cups per minute. Precision automatic technology provides domestic units with a very high level of accuracy and efficiency.

Paper cup denesters are suitable for pulp or foil cups, fluted paper and individual utensils designed to the required standard. To get a square, round or rectangular cup, denesting is done using the fly ability. You can also get denesters for acetate and plastic trays.

Robot Integration

With the advancement of technology in every sector of the economy, industry is looking for ways to minimize labor and introduce automated robotic systems as they can work smoothly for long hours and the end result is to produce accurate results. Precise automated technology offers excellent robot system integration. With this precise automated system, the industry now enjoys high production rates and profits.

Robotics is the only system known so far that ensures quality control in complex machining processes that require a high degree of precision. They in turn reduce time wastage, increase accuracy rates and boost productivity. Integrating all these aspects increases the company’s profits even by double margins.


It is a machining system that helps remove the product from the baking tray and realign it in the acetate. This method uses a variety of retrieval mechanisms developed through the application of precise automated technology. These industrial mechanisms include needle, air or vacuum pickers and gripper and non-contact picks. Tooling can be adapted for fixed three-axis gantry force systems and 6-axis installations.

The best robotic systems employing precision automated technology need to be set up quickly because they just come out of the box when fully assembled. In fact, no controller integration is required as seen in other systems. The motor drive is robust and compact so there is no need for additional cables and cabinets. These advanced specifications allow every user to create the high-tech applications they want at any time. This technology also has great applications in the field of guided motion. When you integrate guided motion into your operations, it not only simplifies identifying parts and finding complex problems, but also increases reliability through accommodation of dimensional variance.

In conclusion, many companies today are using this amazing precision automated technology to reduce labor costs, increase revenue, increase accuracy, and ultimately increase their company profits. When choosing a company that is suitable for robotic systems and controls, remember to choose a company based on its reputation and work.