Some Applications for a Servo Motor

Servo motors are essentially electric motors with a built-in motion sensor, which makes them particularly suitable for applications that require highly controlled motion.

Robotics: These motors are very important in robotics as they facilitate intelligent and natural movements. It can transmit information regarding the rotation of the motor on its axis, thereby keeping the robot alert to the movement of its various parts. The servo is also very small and very powerful, making it perfect for use in efficient and functional robot models. The energy consumption of servo motors is generally low, as they draw only power relative to their mechanical load, making them perfect for use in battery-operated robotic devices.

Remote Controlled Devices: These motors are an essential component for anything with remote controlled movement, from simple children’s toys to more sophisticated models. In particular, servo motors are used in remotely controlled vehicles to move the control surfaces precisely. These include elevators that control the pitch of an aircraft and the rudders of a ship, submarine or aircraft that steer a vehicle through the air or water. A servo in a remotely controlled car, for example, will perform throttle control, braking, steering, and forward or reverse gear shifting. This motor is connected to a radio controller and the electric rotation of the servo motor is directly translated into mechanical movement in the remote controlled car.

Motion Control: The servo motor’s capacity for sensitive operation makes it an essential component in many industries. In addition to their use in remotely controlled vehicles, these motors are essential for dynamic response in commercial aircraft, cruise control of vehicles, and engine equipment and steam turbines. These motors are useful in any application that requires precise movement. It has been used to assist the movement of antennas used in military detection systems, especially those located in harsh environments with adverse weather conditions. The use of servos in these military applications allows for accurate and reliable antenna positioning.
Other military applications for this type of motor include fire control, marine navigation and anti-aircraft weapon systems. Servo motors are also very helpful in a wider range of industrial applications, such as glass making. Servo motors facilitate the highly precise mechanisms required in the glass industry, such as the need to cut a certain amount of molten glass to obtain a quality finish. Servo is also used in many autofocus cameras, to position the lens accurately and adjust focus. The precision of servo motors is used to advantage in modern hard disk drives for sub-micrometer positional accuracy in maintaining disk rotation speed.