Flexible Hose

Flexible hose is a type of industrial hose. An industrial hose is anything that is used to transfer fluids from one material to another. It is also important in hydraulic and other process applications. Some of the most specialized uses are seen in heavy industry including construction and mining. Generally, industrial hoses are characterized by flexibility.

To understand more about the flexible hose concept, it helps to take a look at its applications. There are general and specific categories for the use of these industrial products. The following is an explanation of each of these applications.

General and special applications

As mentioned some time ago there are general and specific applications for this type of industrial home. Dust collection and filtering or woodworking is one such example. Hoses are used to complement the dust collector design and specifically help collect dust and small debris. Both commercial shops and homes that are specifically geared towards woodworking use flexible hoses.

Other common applications for this industrial hose are leaf collection and lawn vacuums. Sometimes, it can be difficult to clean the lawn without the help of a lawn mower. With a hose, mowing the grass is easy. Although hoses are generally characterized as flexible, they are sturdy and are said to be ideal for detecting leaf, stick, or debris blockages in construction or residential areas.

Of course, metalworking also benefits from using flexible hoses. The oil mist in the machining center is conveyed through the use of this material. For smoke control, the hose is also relatively important because it allows the exhaust of smoke that has accumulated in the internal space.

Other apps

The most common of all industrial applications for flexible hoses is material handling. Throughout these areas, products are used for all general purposes from agriculture, chemical, landscaping and HVAC systems to aviation and aerospace, medical or pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing and marine industries.

In this industry, each flexible hose is manufactured according to what it actually concerns a particular area. In the medical field for example, hoses are manufactured to provide a better solution for products used in the healthcare industry. In addition to the medical hoses manufactured for this area, other products can also be produced. The real point is that flexible hoses are not finished unless the customer specifies what he or she expects and wants from the final product.