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Mezzanine Racking System – When Should You Use It?

Mezzanine shelves are designed specifically for high warehouse layout, light items, large manual work to increase space utilization. Usually used in the auto parts area, light industry and electronics industry. Generally, mezzanine shelves have two floors; the ground floor is a rack system and the upper floor is a platform. Or both can be designed as a rack system. The ground floor rack system is not only used as a storage area but also as a support structure for the upper floors. This type of rack can be designed in two or three floors with stairs, handles, elevators and lighting systems. All of which can be adjusted to your warehouse space requirements. To get quality products, be sure to visit

In addition for high warehouse storage systems, mezzanine racks are often applied to heavy and medium duty. In general, the multi-tier mezzanine load capacity is 300-1000 kg per square meter. However, once again the loading capacity can be adjusted to warehouse needs. If you see mezzanine shelves on the internet, you will be interested in a versatile design. Mezzanine rack has a sturdy design; this rack uses steel plates or solid steel checkered plates and perforated plates as the floor.

Mezzanine racks have a roof called a platform. This platform is made of steel. With a flat roof on top, it is suitable for storing large products like large round pipes. Mezzanine racking system is the perfect solution for designing additional floor space according to the conditions of the warehouse or factory. This rack system makes it possible to reach uninterrupted space above and in the lower room, offering unlimited flexibility for space utilization. When should you use the mezzanine racking system? Mezzanine racking is widely used in high warehouse conditions. If you use this rack then you can make full use of the space and certainly save the warehouse area.

Mezzanine shelves are built in the attic style of your warehouse. This racking system can be built into two or more floors to double the warehouse capacity. Each floor can accommodate a large load capacity, fast construction and low cost. Warehouse storage costs will double in accordance with the increasing needs of storage areas. Mezzanine shelves are here to reduce relocation costs and increase storage space; these shelves are very suitable for storing various types of goods flexibly and provide convenient access. This Rack System promotes storage management to simplify and improve storage efficiency.

Maximize your warehouse storage space by using the mezzanine racking system. There are many supply companies that are able to design and build mezzanine racking construction, you can find it through The company not only provides and delivers the best products wherever you are but a professional crew will install the mezzanine rack perfectly.

Used Spiral Freezer

Used spiral freezers are the perfect apparatus if you need to stop bundled or unpackaged food items in a ceaseless procedure. They are utilized to solidify different items, for example, vegetables, natural products, meat, pastry shop, prepared to-eat dinners, and so on. Because of their smaller size, they can be sent in each creation condition, likewise those with constrained floor space.

• Spare vitality
• Are ultra-clean
• Limit yield loos
• Have a short freezing time
• Handle touchy items tenderly
• Utilized Spiral Freezers

The used Spiral freezers are a consistent in-line-belt freezer intended to limit item weight reduction and guarantee quality delicate giving during the freezing procedure. Items are equitably bolstered from the creation line straightforwardly onto the stacking freezer belt.

It rapidly ships the item into the low temperature-freezing zone. The belt spirals up or down along the turning drum until it arrives at the top or base where the freezed item is tenderly released from the freezer release port. Because of the enormous belt surface accessible, items can be freezed in single layers or independently for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) quality. Since items can keep up their unique burden in position all through the freezing procedure, arranging after concurrent freezing of blended, various items are streamlined.

Advantages of Used Spiral Freezer

Winding freezers can solidify food items and even bundled food items in huge amounts simultaneously. Quicker paces of freezing guarantee more prominent vitality efficiencies.

The high nature of the item is being kept up all through the absolute freezing process, where the surface, dampness, and flavor stay steady where lack of hydration of the foods is limited.

The minimal type of winding freezers is one of the primary advantages. Particularly when there is restricted space accessible, winding freezers contrast better with burrow freezers which occupy more room.

1: Liquid Carbonic 19 Tier Spiral With FES Compressor
Used Liquid Carbonic Spiral With FES Compressor with Last utilized for 8-pound pockets of chicken item 19 levels Distance between levels: 4 1/2 inches Freezing specialist: Ammonia FES Compressor, model.
2: Airco KF28-CR400S Kwik Freeze CO2 Spiral Freezer
Used Airco KF28-CR400S Kwik Freeze Spiral Freezer with: Discharge stature: 125 inches 15 levels Digital show Product leeway: 4 inches Conveyor width: 26.5 inches Plastic tangle top transport.
3: Freezing Systems Spiro Freeze Spiral Freezer
Utilized Freezing Systems Spiral Freezer with Freezes two separate item streams immediately (2) infeed belts start one next to the other at that point stack entering freezer Capacity: roughly 2,600 pounds for every hour.
4: Aerofreeze 650 Foot Spiral Cooling Conveyor
Used Aerofreeze 650 Foot Spiral Cooling Conveyor with Aluminum outline 1.7 sweep design Footprint 12-foot x 20-foot high KVP plastic winding: 2-inch pitch, 20-inch width Useable belt.
5: Advanced IQF 36/3.2-18/4.5 18 Tier Spiral Freezer
Used Advanced IQF 36/3.2-18/4.5 18 Tier Spiral Freezer with Designed to stop or chill sensitive items, for example, meat patties, fish sticks, chicken parts, shrimp, arranged foods, and so on
6: RMF Freezers 2414-47-CCW18 Coldstar Spiral Freezer
Utilized RMF Freezers Coldstar Spiral Freezer with Number of levels: 14.5 Tier dividing: 5.5 inches Product leeway: 2.75 inches Conveyor: Hot plunged stirred developed with hardened steel.

Static Mixer for Your Industry

Industrial mixers are modern machines that function to mix a large number of materials and components in the production process. Industrial Mixers is the most sophisticated solution to get the perfect mix with a level of homogeneity that can be adjusted to the needs of production. Various manufacturing industries use this tool; they are the food and beverage industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. An important part of this equipment is the blades with different values ​​that produce a mixture of various levels of homogeneity and are suitable for mixing various types of materials.

Technology in the field of industry is getting more advanced now so there are many modern mixers made. Industrial mixers are produced at various scales from the laboratory level to mass production capacity for the manufacturing industry. So the user does not need to worry to fulfill their production needs; there are many trusted companies that produce all types of industrial mixers, they produce many static mixers ranging from Custody Transfer static mixers for the crude oil industry to static wastewater mixers that are applied in sewage treatment.

Most industries that require high quality mixtures, they use various types of industrial mixers in the production process. In general, industrial mixers provide many benefits for companies. Here are some benefits for your industry:

The advantage of using industrial mixers is that they can mix and produce solutions according to the temperature and pressure required. Even for the type of Static Mixer, it can mix two liquid media using only the kinetic energy available in the flow stream. Static Mixer can be able to design mixing levels as needed, saving chemical and energy consumption.

Industrial mixers can mix smoothly and continuously. Industrial mixers are designed to be able to provide many benefits for a variety of industrial players such as lower electricity consumption, wider application usage, greater operating control, etc. There are several types of mixers that are often used in industry. They are planetary mixers, high viscosity paste mixers, and static mixers. You can get them easily on the internet today.

Static mixers have no moving parts. When the liquid is mixed in the machine, the right amount of air pressure is sealed inside the unit. Emerging air pressure forces the component and liquid to move and mix in the engine continuously to produce a mixture with the appropriate level of homogeneity. Static mixers consist of various types according to the type of application.