Mezzanine Racking System – When Should You Use It?

Mezzanine shelves are designed specifically for high warehouse layout, light items, large manual work to increase space utilization. Usually used in the auto parts area, light industry and electronics industry. Generally, mezzanine shelves have two floors; the ground floor is a rack system and the upper floor is a platform. Or both can be designed as a rack system. The ground floor rack system is not only used as a storage area but also as a support structure for the upper floors. This type of rack can be designed in two or three floors with stairs, handles, elevators and lighting systems. All of which can be adjusted to your warehouse space requirements. To get quality products, be sure to visit

In addition for high warehouse storage systems, mezzanine racks are often applied to heavy and medium duty. In general, the multi-tier mezzanine load capacity is 300-1000 kg per square meter. However, once again the loading capacity can be adjusted to warehouse needs. If you see mezzanine shelves on the internet, you will be interested in a versatile design. Mezzanine rack has a sturdy design; this rack uses steel plates or solid steel checkered plates and perforated plates as the floor.

Mezzanine racks have a roof called a platform. This platform is made of steel. With a flat roof on top, it is suitable for storing large products like large round pipes. Mezzanine racking system is the perfect solution for designing additional floor space according to the conditions of the warehouse or factory. This rack system makes it possible to reach uninterrupted space above and in the lower room, offering unlimited flexibility for space utilization. When should you use the mezzanine racking system? Mezzanine racking is widely used in high warehouse conditions. If you use this rack then you can make full use of the space and certainly save the warehouse area.

Mezzanine shelves are built in the attic style of your warehouse. This racking system can be built into two or more floors to double the warehouse capacity. Each floor can accommodate a large load capacity, fast construction and low cost. Warehouse storage costs will double in accordance with the increasing needs of storage areas. Mezzanine shelves are here to reduce relocation costs and increase storage space; these shelves are very suitable for storing various types of goods flexibly and provide convenient access. This Rack System promotes storage management to simplify and improve storage efficiency.

Maximize your warehouse storage space by using the mezzanine racking system. There are many supply companies that are able to design and build mezzanine racking construction, you can find it through The company not only provides and delivers the best products wherever you are but a professional crew will install the mezzanine rack perfectly.