Pumps – Main Applications and Classifications

Generally, a pump refers to a machine or device that is used for raising, compressing, or transferring fluids. It is mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali liquid, emulsion, suspension emulsion and liquid metals. Besides, it can also transport gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids.

China’s pump industry has a long history of development. It gained rapid development after the reform and opening policy. Apart from a few special pump products, the present categories and quantities can meet the needs of the national industries. There are various types of products such as pumps of rotary displacement,peripheral, reciprocating displacement and vacuum.

Pump products have a wide range of applications. They can be used in many different industries. In the agricultural production, they are the main irrigation and drainage machinery. China has vast rural areas. Those villages need a lot of pumps every year. And agricultural pumps generally account for more than half of the pump output. In the mining and metallurgical industry, they are the mostly used equipments. Water in the mine should be drained by them. They are also used in mineral processing, smelting and rolling process. In the electricity sector, nuclear power plants need nuclear primary pump and many other different kinds of products. And in the national defense construction, these products can be quite useful in the adjustment of the aircraft wing flaps, undercarriage and the stern rudder, rotation of the warships and tanks turret, and submarine’s ups and downs. While in the shipbuilding industry, there are generally more than 100 units of different pumps used in the ocean-going ships. Except for these applications, they can also be applied in urban water supply and drainage, textile industry, and machine tool lubrication and cooling, etc. In short, these products can be seen both in some important industries and our daily life.

Pumps can be classified according to different things. There are positive displacement pumps and impeller pumps if they are classified according to their working principle. As to the latter type, they can be further divided into centrifugal pump, axial pump, mixed-flow pump, peripheral pump, and jet pump. If classify them according to the pump shaft position, there are vertical pump, horizontal pump. There are still many other classification means. All in all, there are so many different pumps that they play rather important role in our industries.

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