CNP Self-Priming and End Suction Pumps

CNP is a leading manufacturer and seller of high-quality self-priming pumps. The self-priming pumps are now being used in more than 140 countries across the world. Besides the China domestic self-priming pumps, the Company offers irrigation booster pumps, deep well pumps, centrifugal pumps, and versatile China end suction pumps

The CNP self-priming and end suction pumps offer exceptional quality at very cost-effective prices. In addition, self-priming pumps perform best when used with clean water free of abrasive particles and other chemically aggressive liquids.

Self-Priming Pumps                                           

china domestic self priming pumps

Because of their reliability, compactness, and ease of use, domestic self-priming pumps are suitable for most domestic applications. These include water distribution in combination, irrigation of gardens and yards, drawing water from tanks, and all other situations where water or air might be present in the liquid to be pumped. 

Key attributes include:

  • Self-priming centrifugal water pumps are suitable for any domestic situation that requires pumping systems. 
  • They are ideal when you want to pump clean liquids without abrasive particles as such can be aggressive to the materials used in pump design.
  • They are ideal for domestic use and especially for distributing water together with medium or small pressure tanks.
  • Suitable for domestic irrigation of gardens, lawns, and yards.
  • Consists of two pumps (ejector pump) and a centrifugal pump. To install and use, the ejector gets immersed in the water and then connected to the centrifugal pump. 
  • To make sure that the pump has adequate counter pressure, it may be necessary to fix a foot valve at the suction ends
CNP SP pump applied in water treatment

The China domestic self-priming pumps range can also handle heavy-duty solids so long as they don’t have abrasive particles. They feature open impellers with a handy front access hatch for cleaning in situ. These are regarded as excellent choices for deep well pumping. It should be sheltered from inclement weather or installed in an enclosed environment.

China End Suction Pump

The end suction pump is one of the most commonly used types of centrifugal pumps. All China-end suction pump products are made with high precision and sold at a competitive price. These are professional and leading end suction pumps widely used worldwide because of their versatility, reliability and durability. 

They function or work when the velocity of pump liquid increases as it moves along the impeller vanes. The fluid then moves in the volute casing, where an inbuilt diffuser converts the high liquid velocity to high pressure.

  • China end suction pumps are usually designed with one impeller accompanied by a volute-type casing. 
  • In most cases, they are single-stage pumps and ranked among the most cost-effective centrifugal pumps. 
CNP NIS pump applied in air-conditioning system

CNP is a national enterprise technology center with a complete sales network covering domestic and international markets. They specialize in China’s self-priming pumps, China end suction pumps, and other water drainage systems. We’re professional end suction pump manufacturers and suppliers of these high-quality pumps not just in China but globally. Other high-profile flagship products include the horizontal centrifugal self-priming pumps, water treatment pumps and water technologies.