Vitamin Manufacturing Technologies

Vitamin research is a constantly evolving field. New research, especially in bio-nutrition, is constant and reveals new roles of vitamins in health and disease prevention. As more research emerges, the popularity of vitamin supplements derived from bio-nutrients is projected to increase. Manufacturing processes are also projected to become more innovative, as they seek to meet the growing demand for manufacturing.

Growing Research on Vitamins and their Role in Supporting Good Health

The discovery of phytonutrients in the 1800s and its health benefits has led to the discovery of thousands of phytonutrients found in plants. Only about a 100 have been researched so far. There is still so much more to discover!

Bio-nutrition is a fascinating study and as research is made public, it is producing back-to-nature trends, proving the safety and efficacy of ancient wisdom. People are becoming more aware of the food they eat and its effects on health. Growing advertising and marketing of convenient- to- use dietary supplements are in growing demand.

It is well-known that the nutritive value of fresh fruit/vegetables is not what it used to be. That, combined with poor dietary habits due to busy lifestyles/convenience foods has produced a growing nutritional gap, which Vitamin Manufacturers need to fill.

Moving Health Trends

Future health trends will focus more on prevention, not cure. It has been projected that the future aim of medical research will be to ensure that people do not simply live longer, but that they remain healthy and independent for as long as possible. Research in the role of vitamins in the prevention of diseases has shown much potential and is critical. Prevention will be the key.

It is projected that pharmaceutical companies will find new innovative ways to provide complete health care products, as more research becomes available of how nutrients work together in synergy giving maximum health protection to our body.

New Trends in diagnostics will lead to personalized medicines. Genetic chips will tell us the genetic makeup of each individual. This will lead to earliest possible identification of certain diseases before they have a chance to break out. Here again, research shows the role of vitamins in certain disease prevention and treatment.

Global Factors

The world population is increasing, but globalization is helping to make the world become even smaller. As health needs rise all over the world, vitamin manufacturing companies will find the need to plant their own companies in different parts of the world. It is projected that more sophisticated direct-to-consumer distribution channels may obliterate the role of the “middle man”.

An aging world population will increasingly demand the attention of nutritional supplement manufacturers and its related research. It is estimated that 7% of the world population is over the age of 65. This is likely to double by 2020.

Modern biotechnology is a key technology of the 21st century. Combining and exchanging of research from countries all over the world are enhancing each others’ efforts. Highly potent, selective biopharmaceuticals have already proven very successful, especially in the treatment of cancer.

Growing Demand for Manufacturing Vitamins Leading to Better, Faster, More Sterile and Cheaper Techniques.

There is demand for safer, more efficient and finer filtration techniques in the production of the vitamins. Companies are aggressively pursuing innovative ways of producing and packaging vitamins that focus on maintaining quality and protecting the health of the public while maintaining efficiency, scheduling flexibility, lowered costs and higher throughput.

One such example is the Single Use Technology. It is a fully-disposable drug manufacturing technology proving to be cheaper, quicker, reducing risks of contamination. It increases efficiency, reduces production costs, and is adaptable to consumer marketing trends – small or bulk batch productivity. This technology introduces peristaltic pumps that are faster and more accurate than ever and are proving to be a good alternative to piston pumps.

Projected Emerging Health-line Products

Popping vitamin pills may no longer be the answer. More nutritional fortification in the foods we regularly eat, so that they become healthier for us and help meet the daily nutritional requirements. New products like

· Nutritional energy drinks to replace soft drinks.

· Nutrient Bars to replace processed snacks

· Modified cereal products, modified bread to enhance nutritive value.

· Superfoods


The future of vitamin manufacturing through bio-pharmaceutical research has never seen such promise. With more potency and less side effects than conventional allopathic medicines, bio-pharmaceuticals are achieving medical breakthroughs and thus commercial success. The future for this industry is never-ending as science combines with the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature, bringing innovative nutrition to today’s worlds, for tomorrow’s health.

Maintaining and Repairing the Vibrating Motor

Do you know the motor vibrates? It is a kind of electric motor which obtains the vibrating force through the effect of centrifugal force. This centrifugal force is generated by the eccentric shaft and block with fast rotating speed. These motors are widely used in many industrial sectors, such as hydropower construction, thermal power generation, metallurgy and light industry.

Because this vibrating motor is quite applicable, how to maintain and repair it is the concern of many people. As far as we know, most of the motors are installed in dirty working environment and while this motor has no fan to dissipate heat. So based on these factors, some specific aspects of the vibrating motor must be maintained.

What specific aspects of the vibrating motor should be maintained? Priority is given to the scope of inspection: (a) check the cleanliness of the motor surface; (b) remove dust immediately. Or else, it will have bad influence on heat dissipation; (c) check whether the fixed bolt of the tail is flexible or not; (d) tighten the torque by force with a wrench when the moment becomes flexible; (e) check whether the vibration is abnormal or not. Next, this article will introduce the processing method. First, when the vibration is abnormal, people should stop the electric motor. Second, people check whether the seal of the protective cover is tight. Otherwise, people should stop the operation. Third, the public must also pay attention to whether the motor cable is worn or not. If the wear is serious, the motor must be stopped. Fourth, remember to add oil under the grease gun every two months.

In addition to the things mentioned above, several other things must also be considered by the workers. For example, the bearings used in these electric motors must be heavy bearings because they can withstand thrust loads. Wherever installed, bearing life is not affected by thrust loads. What’s more, it is better to choose an elastic cable as the main cable, because ordinary cables are easy to wear or break.

In short, the vibrating motor has a destructive effect on the entire equipment. Therefore, if people do not use it accurately, not only will the service life of the motor be shortened, but also the related equipment will be destroyed. In order to take full advantage of the vibrating motor, it is recommended that people inspect and maintain it frequently.

Tips for Using a Liquid Level Sensor

The liquid level sensor is used to detect the level of a liquid or the interface between a liquid such as oil and water or a liquid and a solid. These devices can be described as sensors or transducers, or an integrated system with instrumentation and control capabilities. The point liquid level sensor often triggers an alarm or shuts down the system based on a certain limit. This time, this article will provide some great tips that will guide you in using the liquid level sensor. Well, just look at the tips below.

The first thing you should do is place the tool on a plastic case. You can use this special device if the container is opaque and cannot be opened, or if the liquid may be hazardous if exposed to open air.

The second thing you need to do is move the sensor under the top of the tool. You should pay attention to the sensor for indications that detect liquid on the other side of the container. This is usually indicated by a flashing light or an audible beep.

The third thing you should do is slowly move the sensor up the sides of the case. After that, you need to monitor for indications that the sensor is now above the liquid level in the container. Then, you’ll need to move it back under the container until it ignites again to determine where the top of the liquid is.

Anyway, by looking at the information above, you can now easily start using this sensor for your projects. By using this tool properly, you will get the best results in doing your job.